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Hair Removal For Women

Facial hair removal for women is one of the more vigoruosly sought treatments due to its potentially embarrassing side effects.  Laser hair removal for women began in the mid 1990’s and is increasingly becoming more popular among women. This technique uses beams of light that penetrate the hair follicles and destroy them. Most of the treatment options such as shaving and waxing offer temporary results unlike laser treatment. Laser treatment offers an incredible solution for facial hair removal for women, especially excessive hair growth related problems like hirtisuism, which may result to women growing beards. As popular as facial hair removal for women treatments are, it comes along with a number of side effects.

Facial Hair Removal For Women
Chin up and out! flawless skin meets hairless chin

Temporary side effects are the most common in laser hair removal. They may take days, weeks or eve months to heal. These effects include redness, swelling and discomfort that last for up to three days. Pain may be experienced during and after the procedure. Soreness is also expected around the area where the hair was removed. Blistering is the most painful, noticeable and embarrassing side effect resulting form laser treatment. Itching and numbness can be experienced around the treated area.

Change in skin pigmentation. There is the possibility of a temporary darkening or lightening among the concerned individuals especially those with tans. Both hyper pigmentation and hypo pigmentation are common among patients with a darker skin color. There are no procedures that can be done to counter this problem unlike the other temporary effects; hyper pigmentation resolves itself with time. Hypo pigmentation on the other hand can be either temporary or permanent. Delayed hypo pigmentation usually results from ablative laser resurfacing.

Skin discoloration also occurs whereby the laser treatment permanently lightens or darkens the affected area. Scaring is not a common effect and it is likely to occur in instances whereby the person carrying out the procedure lacks adequate qualifications, the same case applies to burning. Other possible causes of scarring could be laser induced thermal damage, post operative infections or cutaneous laser resurfacing.

Infections of the skin occur when the epidermis layer is damaged during the medical procedure. Bacteria, fungi and virus infections may develop on the wounds causing various ailments like herpes simplex. Delayed wound healing is also an effect of post laser treatment.

Crusting may occur as a result of over treatment of an area and purpura (bleeding into the skin) may result from damage of a blood vessel wall. Allergic contact dermatitis or irritant contact dermatitis is another negative effect of laser treatment. Eye injuries can be encountered if the patient fails to wear suitable eye wear for the required wavelength.

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Facial Hair Removal For Women

As much as the many side effects threaten the success of laser hair removal, greater benefits can be drawn from proper preparation and following advice given by the licensed medical practitioners. Those women preparing to undergo the treatment are required to avoid tanning and use sunscreen for about six weeks before the procedure. If possible, it is important to seek immediate treatment for both the temporary and permanent side effects. Although these procedures are offered at informal settings like mall and spas, it is important to have them done by experienced health practitioners.

Facial hair removal for women isn’t just a time-saving solution, it’s also one that can ease your mind, by knowing that no un-detected stray hairs appear on your face, neck, chin, lips and so on…

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